New branding expert in Abu Dhabi marathon
19 December

Kaye is a Fine Arts graduate majoring in Visual Communication. Kaye joins Purple Moon Designs as a brand designer, enhancing our web agency’s in-house capabilities and a better overall website design strategy for our clients.

In pursuit of new creative frontiers, she spent three years in Dubai, dedicating herself to design in an in-house branding department. There, she honed her skills in creating a range of branding materials, including social media posts and e-commerce images. This international exposure significantly enriched her design sensibilities in crafting identities for new brands.

Kaye is an avid sportsperson. She joined a triathlete group, embracing swimming and running as key components of her fitness regime. It’s a source of relaxation and a creative stimulant, providing her with adrenaline-driven bursts of inspiration. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal passions makes her an invaluable addition to our team at Purple Moon Designs, bringing a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to every project.

Her Impact on Our Projects

Even before this announcement, Kaye has been working behind the scenes on several projects. These are not just any projects – they are the kind that sets trends and defines brands. Although we can’t reveal much now, we promise that these projects, set to be unveiled in the new year, will showcase the depth of Kaye’s skill and the breadth of our capabilities at Purple Moon Designs.

How Kaye’s Role Enhances Our Services

Kaye’s role is more than just about creating visually appealing designs. It’s about understanding the soul of a brand and translating it into a digital persona that resonates with audiences. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a mark or an established business aiming to revamp your image, Kaye’s expertise in brand strategy and design will be instrumental in your journey.

A Perfect Fit for Our Forward-Thinking Approach

At Purple Moon Designs, we’ve always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, and Kaye’s addition to our team reinforces this commitment. Her forward-thinking approach to design and branding aligns seamlessly with our mission to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we look forward to the new year, we’re more excited than ever for what lies ahead. With Kaye’s creativity and our team’s technical expertise, we’re poised to take on new challenges and reach greater heights. Our goal remains steadfast: to help businesses achieve a better overall experience in their digital journey, whether they are new ventures or established enterprises scaling new peaks.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks into the projects Kaye has been working on. Here’s to a fantastic 2024 with Purple Moon Designs – where creativity meets strategy, and exceptional digital experiences are born.