Purple Moon Websites projects come superior out of the box. It’s built on one core principle - high quality user experience. Full-stack web and mobile development focused on creating tailored platforms that empower engagement.


When it comes to websites, we believe these features should come hand in hand with every project, not as an additional add on. To us, these elements are as essential to the website as engine to the car.

  • Custom design is more than colour changes. It’s your business persona and communication style. Stand out
  • Mobile internet is great until you’re on the train. Your website has to prioritise these occasions and load essential elements first.
  • You shouldn’t need to be an IT wizard to change a testimonial. Web content has to be easy to manage.
  • Patience is hard to come by lately. It’s not dial-up days. If your content isn’t available now users will move on.
  • Predefined fields that you want to know about your leads. We add additional database and sorting system.
  • Analytics tracks website performance, user flows, interactions and conversions. So you could make informative decisions in your business.

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Digital marketing

Let Purple Moon Marketing take care of as many or as little of your digital needs as you require. From social media management and photography to influencer outreach and marketing consultation, we help save you time that is best spent doing what you love - enjoying the benefits of running your business!


Digital marketing is a very broad term. We help our clients to reach more clients, generate more leads and build their image online.

  • We consistently design, write and post content you approve to social media channels.
  • Research and strategy based content pushed to your target market for leads and brand recognition
  • Be the first in line when people look up things on Google you can provide and solve for them.
  • Be easier to find on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing (and whatever maps they use)
  • Showcase your business and spoil your leads list. Build a personal image with your target market.
  • The right influencer has built trust with their audience that you can use directly.

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Website hosting

Purple Moon Hosting allows us to provide an in-house, top tier hosting platform at a fraction of the cost. This allows for the best performance per pound while ensuring superior security and performance. It all is stored in the data centre on the cloud platform, so you can continue to scale your website at any time.


Hosting platforms have everything as paid extra. It's a deceiving pricing strategy. This should not be the case. For your website to last and function you'll domain name, storage, CMS system and SSL certificate to start with. We included these (and more) in all our packages.

  • Safeguard and encrypt your and your clients data
  • Top of the range storage option with disk mirroring to protect your data
  • 10x faster than Apache (most popular, but dated option), so you’re never stuck buffering again
  • It's all about fast and secure connection to the server
  • Scalable solution with no migration needs at any time
  • Your business email with your name so people know they're dealing with the right person

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Mobile apps

Purple Moon Mobile Apps offer custom iOS and Android app design, development, hosting andmanagement. We can build any app that helps your business operations, sales, management or all of the above.


Mobile Apps are constantly growing in popularity and function. They are a great tool for your business to utilise to create added value, brand trust, an online community and more.

  • Ensuring your mobile application looks like you and your business.
  • A safe and secure login option for users and clients with device authentication via email, phone number, social accounts, apple login etc.
  • Add, edit and update content on the app from your browsers. It's easy, simple and user friendly.
  • Let your users know about you, your deals or things they signed up for directly in their notification centre.
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, Credit/Debit card, PayPal - zero reasons for users not to pay.
  • Something that will make your business run smoother, easier and automated

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