Purple Moon Designs sponsorship with WFC
27 October

Purple Moon Designs team is all about community and meaningful connections. That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our sponsorship with St Mirren’s WFC. These women aren’t just fantastic footballers; they’re everyday heroes juggling work, life, and a sport they love. Trust us, this partnership has layers, and we can’t wait to peel them back for you.

The Current State of Women’s Football

When it comes to football in Scotland, it’s often the men’s leagues that hog the limelight. But let’s shift the focus a bit—did you know that women’s football in Scotland is drastically under-funded and undervalued? It’s a subject that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, especially considering the sheer dedication these athletes show day in and day out.

The players of St Mirren’s WFC, for instance, juggle far more than just a football. Many of these incredible athletes balance full-time jobs with their sporting commitments. They finish a 9-to-5 shift only to head straight to training, come rain or shine. That level of dedication isn’t just commendable; it’s downright inspiring.

It’s one of the many reasons we’re beyond thrilled to sponsor St Mirren’s WFC. By supporting this team, we’re not just rooting for women’s football; we’re backing a group of hardworking, dedicated individuals making waves. And in doing so, we hope to contribute to a shift toward giving women’s football in Scotland (and the world) the attention and resources it so richly deserves.

Why St Mirren’s WFC?

Aside from their impressive skills on the pitch, what truly sets this team apart is their unwavering commitment and ethos. These aren’t just athletes; they’re community builders, both on and off the field.

St Mirren’s doesn’t just slap our name on a jersey and call it a day. They’re truly invested in their sponsors, offering business-focused events that put us right in front of other passionate businesses. For a small outfit like Purple Moon Designs, this is a golden opportunity to maximize our resources, make meaningful connections, and grow our impact. It’s the kind of partnership that makes you proud to be part of something bigger.