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E-Commerce & Booking

Sorella Strength

A modern and sleek gym studio website

What is Sorella Strength?

"We started Sorella with a vision to create a community of women all of which share the same goal - to become the best version of yourself, to compete with no one but yourself and to be better than no one but the person you were yesterday.

We believe that life is too short to be unhappy in your skin and therefore we ensure our primary goal is to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals, no matter how big or small." - Maya Halliday, Co-Founder of Sorella Strength

Client: Sorella Strength


Category: E-Commerce & Booking

Platform: WordPress + TeamUp

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E-Commerce & Booking

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Co-Founder of Sorella Strength

"We wanted to scale our business and stop trading time for money. Renatas helped us to automate our booking system, sell our courses online and improve enquiry flow.
I’m not a tech-oriented person, but Renatas was always there to answer all the questions and advise on ideas. He was always a What’s app message away (even at 1 am at night).
I would absolutely recommend Renatas company Purple Moon Designs."

Sorella Strength